A Little About Us

Prime Opinions is a survey sampling platform that connects market researchers to global respondents in a totally new way. We have global reach and million of people come daily to take surveys and get matched to the surveys of their intrest in exchange of virtual rewards from thier favourite rewards site. To Know more about us CLICK HERE

Global Sampling Became Easier

Accessing global respondents has become easier with Prime Opinions. Just let us know your target and everything will be done by us.

Top-Notch Quality Results

Our Anti-Dupping and Anti-BOT technology prevents fraud and provide our researchers Top-Notch Quality Results on thier projects.

What We Do

Market Research

We Do Market Research and connect Market Researchers to respondents to help them completing thier research.

Quality Respondents

We always provide our clients quality respondents to provide them correct and accurate results on thier research projects.

API Connectivity

API Conncectivity solution helps to reduce efforts and automates survey integrations and provides results in real time.

Human Answers

Our Anti-Dupping and Captcha technology avoids bot answers and ensures providing only Human Answers to our Researchers.


At What We are Best At


Standards Targetting

Target respondents as per your campaign needs i.e. by Age, Gender, Geo Location, Household Income, Employment Status, Relationship etc.


Prevent Duplication

We track all users, thier IP, and some other points. Same survey will never be presented more than once to a user, so there is no risk of duplication.


Fully Automation

Integrate your system with ours, sit back & relax, our automation services will track all your campaigns and it's progress on real time basis.


Global Reach

Interview and target respondents from throughout the Globe over 60+ Countries. Our global reach will help you to target respondents globally.


Fraud Prevention

Respondents have to pass Profiler Questions and some Trap Questions. If trapped respondent will be blocked from taking surveys forever.


Top Notch Support

Need any Help with Anything ? Just contact our staff by filling contact form and get top notch support. We are always one step ahead to assit you.

Monetization Platform

Monetize Your App

Monetise your App or Website and earn money from your traffic.

Offers Inventory

We have thousands of active offers in our system for your users.

High Yield

Earn between $1-$10 per completed survey from your App or Website.

Easy Setup

Setting up our iframe and survey API links on your platform is extremely easy.

Global Offers

Our Offers Inventory contains thousands of offers for about 90+ countries.

Detailed Statistics

View detailed & accurate analytics for your traffic in our tracking platform.

iOS / Web / Android

Our platform is fully responsive and surveys can be accessed via any device.

Help and Support

Reach us at any time, your queries will be sorted out as quickly as possible.